How It Works

At Jonple, we know that nutrition and fitness fads don’t give us long term solutions.

That’s why we look at the science and psychology behind nutrition and fitness, and put you at the heart of our program.

Each of our members receive a unique nutrition and fitness program that is shaped to their needs using validated scientific calculations. Each nutrition program focuses on personalised, portion controlled breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snack recipes.

This means that every user receives a personalised plan based on their fitness levels  and what they want to achieve, whether that is to lose weight, tone up or simply stay healthy.

So how does this work? It’s really very simple.


Joining Jonple

To join Jonple and begin your health and fitness journey, the first thing you need to do is subscribe either here on our website or by downloading the app from your app store.

First you need to fill out a short profile, which includes age, gender, height and weight.

You can then choose one of three subscription options, depending upon whether you choose to subscribe via an app store or the Jonple website:

Signing up via your app store (Apple or Google Play)

- £24.99 per month

- £39.99 per quarter

- £129.99 for twelve months

All subscriptions renew at the cost of your initial subscription.

Signing up via Jonple's website

- £24.99 per month

- £39.99 per quarter

- £129.99 for twelve months

Quarterly and twelve-month subscriptions renew at a rate of £14.99 per month.


Getting Started With Jonple

Once you have started your subscription you then need to complete a short questionnaire. This looks at your current lifestyle, activity level and what you want to achieve with Jonple.

With all of this data, our algorithms can begin to calculate your first health and fitness goal.


Your Dashboard

When you access Jonple, the first thing you will see when logging into the app is your dashboard. From here you can access all of the different aspects of your Jonple journey, including your profile and account. 

You can also dive into each of Jonple’s three main sections; Fitness, Nutrition and All about U.

Fitness contains all details of your fitness program, including your workout planner and guided exercises for either home or the gym.

In the Nutrition section, you will find your meal and snack recipes, their nutritional information and the videos demonstrating how to create each recipe.

All About U supports all of the work you will be doing in fitness and nutrition. Developed by experts in psychology, this section gives you access to guides and exercises that help you to understand your behaviour and why you make the decisions you make.



The first time you access the fitness section, you will be asked to take the Jonple fitness test. 

This is a series of exercises designed to gauge your fitness levels. Combined with the information you gave when setting up your profile, this allows our algorithms to work out a fitness plan that is right for you. It takes into account your age and general fitness, and combined with the goals you have set formulates a plan suited to you.

With your plan in place, you can now access your fitness plan. Day by day, you can see what has been set for you, how long it will take to complete each workout and the contribution towards your overall goals.

Each workout is accompanied by a video guiding you through the steps and techniques involved.

Should you find that an allocated exercise is not right for you, you can swap it out for something else. We have hundreds of available exercises, and there is always an alternative that will make an equivalent contribution to your fitness goal.

At the end of your initial program, we evaluate the progress you have made. At this point our algorithms recalculate your program, setting your new workout plan appropriate for your fitness level.



Accessing ‘Nutrition’ from your dashboard brings you to your meal planner.

Your planner takes into account the answers you gave when setting up your profile and generates a nutrition plan based on their outcome.

Each meal, snack and nutrition target will be based on what is right for you at your current nutrition and fitness level and the nutrition goals you have set. 

From here you can see all of your meals, for every day and the weeks ahead. At Jonple we don’t believe in dieting as a sustainable method of managing our weight and health, so you will see all of your old favourites in your planner, along with some recipes you may have never considered. You won’t need to worry about the same thing every day, our planner will help you find a sustainable menu that allows you to balance what you eat with the life you want to live.

Each recipe comes with step-by-step video guides to help you create each meal. Any meal or snack that isn’t right for you can be easily swapped out for something of equal nutritional value from the hundreds of recipes in the app. You can even add in your own food, and the nutritional value will be added to your day’s total.

At the end of every four weeks your food program ends, we look at what progress you have made and which targets you have reached and your next programme begins.


All About U

Having fitness and nutrition plans means nothing if you find yourself unable to stick with it. That’s why ‘All About U’ is such a crucial part of your Jonple journey.

‘All About U’ has been developed by experts in psychology and helps you to understand your own behaviour and why you make the decisions you make.

Whether it’s understanding why you can’t get started or even why you push too hard, ‘All About U’ has a range of tools and exercises that will help you get perspective on why you do what you do.

The first thing to do here is to help us get to know you.

With a short questionnaire, Jonple helps you to understand what motivates you and what you hope to achieve. 

Through a series of video exercises, you will build your understanding of your own motivations, and develop the tools you have that empower you to focus on and reach your nutrition and fitness goals.

You then get access to a range of tools, such as word clouds that help you map your choices and behaviour. This can help you develop further insight into how you can support your own goals and what may get in your way. 

You can also record your day in your own journal, which gives you the opportunity to reflect and look back on your Jonple journey as it progresses.

The tools are passcode protected, so you can be as honest and open as you like, safe in the knowledge that the only person to see your thoughts is you.


Over to you

From then it’s over to you.

With a nutrition and fitness programme designed around your needs, Jonple works with you for the long term to help you achieve your goal to live healthily.

If you have any other questions, check out our frequently asked questions in the support section.