Supermarket visits for some are a chore and can sometimes be stressful, especially if you are accompanied by children or fussy eaters. These top tips can help you plan your shopping and make the most of your time in the supermarket. 

1. Plan 

Set aside some time the night before you shop. Start by planning your meals. Knowing what you are going to eat and understanding what you need will help you create a list of ingredients. Once you have your ingredients list - tick off any items you already have. This will avoid unnecessary food waste and save you money. 

2. Make a list and check it twice 

Make a shopping list using the ingredients identified from step 1. Being equipped with a list will allow you to navigate your way through the supermarket and avoid forgetting an essential item if you are distracted.

Further improve your list by grouping food types together. For example, put your fruit and vegetables, fridge items, dry items, household items and freezer items together. This will avoid you having to return to a section of the supermarket and deter you from unnecessary purchases. Try to picture the supermarket in your head and write the list according to what is in each aisle, although be aware that often items are moved around supermarkets!

Many of us may not be a weekly “big shop”  shopper but even if you are going to the supermarket multiple times a week, making a list of on the go from memory. This will keep you from buying unnecessary items and potentially save you money. 

3. The Shop 

What you need; 

1. A list 

2. A coin for the trolley 

3. Shopping bags 

4. Money 

5. Will power 

Supermarkets are businesses and they want your money. They spend millions of pounds each year on marketing and use marketing techniques to distract you from your list.  Remember; what is on your list is all you need!

Online shopping is a great way to avoid the physical distractions of the supermarket, control what you are spending and save you time! However it is still best to follow steps and 1 and 2 of this guide. 

One final - but very important point; avoid any type of list making or shopping while hungry!