A new approach to health, fitness
and wellbeing

We are a health, fitness and wellbeing app focused on delivering sustainable programs developed by experts and designed to fit around real lives. We don’t believe in fads, we believe in sustainable, realistic change to achieve long-term health and fitness goals.

Jonple’s Journey

In 2017 Jonple embarked on a journey to disrupt the health and fitness industry. With a focus on the science and psychology behind losing weight and getting fit, we aimed to introduce a new service that ditched the fads for realistic programs designed for real people.

After three years of development and input from leading experts in fitness, nutrition and psychology, Jonple finally launched in 2020. Powered by innovative AI technology and delivering tailored health and fitness plans, Jonple began its journey to help achieve long-term change.

Our Expertise

From the nutritionists and chefs who research and develop the hundreds of recipes that make up our programs, to the leading physiologists who make sure our fitness plans meet our members’ goals, Jonple is built on the expertise of our team.

Every member helps to make Jonple what it is, each bringing their own unique experience, knowledge and skills to create a product unique on the market that delivers rounded plans to suit every need.

Fitness and Physiology

Made up of leading experts in physiology, our fitness team brings with it over seventeen years of industry experience.

Accomplished Personal Trainers with significant experience in strength and conditioning alongside sport science, the team have worked with people at all levels of fitness, from professional footballers to people who have never before set foot in a gym.

Food and Recipes

Every recipe in the Jonple plan has been specially designed by our chefs, who bring with them decades of experience at award winning hotels, Michelin Star and AA Rosette level restaurants.

From preparing bar snacks to banquets, our chefs’ vast experience gives them plenty of inspiration to draw upon to generate Jonple recipes to suit all tastes.


Every recipe devised by our chefs is analysed by our team of highly qualified nutritionists. Our Sport and Exercise Nutritionists have experience working with professional football and rugby clubs as well as designing and delivering nutrition education and advice to people of all ages and backgrounds.

They know what you need when it comes to nutrition and diet plans that support various health and fitness goals.

Psychology and Wellbeing

Our motivation and wellbeing-focus ‘U Section’ has been designed to help our members become more aware of why and how they make choices in a non-confrontational way.

Crafted by our psychology experts and built upon their years of practical experience, the ‘U Section’ harnesses elements of cognitive behavioural approaches to deliver guided exercises designed to shift behaviour incrementally, to achieve long term change.

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