Rule Out Running Pain

  During running, it is very common to experience pain in the knees and other areas throughout the legs. The majority of runners at some point or another will experience one or more of the following conditions. Commonly, they will do nothing about it, fear the worse or stop running...

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Poor Oral Health and Muscle Injuries

We are aware of the potential risks associated with poor oral health and heart disease. In particular gum disease (periodontitis) increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. As dental bacteria and oral germs enter the heart via the bloodstream, they can cause inflammation. Which left untreated can potentially damage the blood vessels causing heart disease or...

Bar Hang for Shoulder Pain

  Shoulder Pain Generally, shoulder pain is caused by either a frozen shoulder, impingement or rotator cuff issue. Common symptoms of a frozen shoulder can be general pain when moving or constant stiffness especially when sleeping. This is due to the tissues within the shoulder becoming inflamed, reducing mobility (1).  Common symptoms of shoulder impingement can be severe and you...

Arthritis Arthritis & Resistance Training
Arthritis & Resistance Training

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition of a joint accompanied by limitation of motion, heat, pain or tenderness (1). Strength or Weight training or exercise, in general, has been previously associated with potentially accelerating conditions such as arthritis, but jumping to that conclusion could hold you back from the potential benefits (2). A challenge presented by having a condition such as...

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