In the back of our minds, we all know that keeping some regular activity within our schedule will help keep us fit and healthy. For a lot of individuals keeping active can seem like an impossible task and often we hear the same reason which is ‘I don't have enough time’. 

Often it boils down to you not having the motivation to keep active and accepting this will be your first step to keeping consistently active. Motivation is not something that always remains high or constant and it's normal to have a lack of motivation some days. Therefore, if you are truly busy or you simply need to restructure your thinking then the following tips will help you in achieving the goal of keeping active.


Plan and Prioritise 

Planning your day can help maintain your activity levels. Often if we are left to make our own spare of the moment choices, we will most likely choose the most convenient or the easiest option. Start planning your day the night before and make sure you include some activity within that plan. The choice is yours, it could be a workout or simply planning to take the dog on a long walk. 

Planning your day has its benefits but if you don't prioritise keeping active then it won't be high up on your list. If you truly want to keep active then you will find a way to do so, that may include cutting out 30 minutes of tv time or spending less time on your phone but either way, some sort of sacrifice may have to be made. This might come across as losing out on things you enjoy but exercise can often make you more productive with these activities or even appreciate them more. Eventually, you will come to a point where planning and prioritising will allow you to keep active and also do everything you enjoy alongside exercise.


Workout Early in the Morning 

Having responsibilities and commitments is normal and often our days are made up of fulfilling duties such as being a parent, performing at work or whatever challenges the day presents. As the day progresses a time slot to workout decreases more and more, and the thought of squeezing everything together may seem daunting or even impossible. This generally leads to completing no workout at all and the cycle continues over the weeks and months. 

Rather than working out in the evening, working out in the morning can flip the whole day on its head. The negative thoughts of working out later in the day are gone and working out in the morning is a positive start to the day.


Walk More Often 

It may seem simple and potentially boring but the majority of us can make more of an effort to walk more often. Walking to the supermarket or walking to work can have its benefits of increasing our activity levels. These small increases in activity often get neglected due to the perspective of not having enough time to do so. 

As mentioned, planning your day appropriately will help you fit additional walking or small amounts of activity throughout your day. 


Short High Intense Workouts 

Workouts don't have to be long winded and take up a big chunk of your day, they can be quick, intense and time efficient. Imagine being able to achieve fitness goals without having to dedicate countless hours and this can also be achieved without stepping foot inside a gym. At Jonple we have a variety of workouts designed in a home environment that is tailored to you. Sound good? Click here to find out more.


Embrace Variety 

If you enjoy structure and the routine of performing similar types of workouts then possibly there's a good chance you have a workout routine in place to some capacity. If you haven't, then learning to embrace exercise in a variety of ways, whether that is the location of exercise, machine type, or type of exercise, it's worth approaching working out with flexibility. 

Don't feel tied down to one method of training and embracing variety could be one way to help you improve your consistency of exercise.